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Planet Philippines sample coverDo you dream of publishing a Philippine newspaper abroad? Are you hindered by lack of expertise and high overhead cost? Live your dream! We can produce for you a quality publication at an affordable cost! You can own a piece of the action by being a publisher of Planet Philippines in your adopted city or country abroad.

Planet Philippines is a newsmagazine for overseas Filipinos published and circulated in various parts of the world. Launched in November 2002, Planet Philippines was immediately embraced by Filipino entrepreneurs and aspiring publishers across the world. In no time it became the No. 1 Filipino publication – in the country and abroad – in terms of global reach.

Our editorial line up is the result of in-depth study and planning. This is so unlike the cut-and-paste operation of many of our competitors which survive largely on clippings from the Internet. Our articles by experienced writers cover a wide and diverse range of topics — interesting profiles and scoops on celebrities, newsmakers and outstanding Filipinos; travelogues; features on lifestyle, sports, culture, current issues, politics and business. They are enhanced by lots of attractive photos to bring to life the faces, places and goings-on at home. A superior editorial content and a cutting edge design put Planet Philippines a cut above the rest. Check out our online edition at

Using modern technology we developed an innovative production scheme to enable us to share our vision with our overseas compatriots. The paper is prepared and produced in Manila and the finished issue – all done and ready to go to press – is sent electronically to our publishing partners abroad.

The tasks of our overseas publishers are limited to soliciting advertisements, printing and distributing the paper in their area. Overseas publishers may add local community news from their areas but this is their responsibility. For every issue our publishing partners pay only a modest editorial fee — the lowest in the business — and keep all the advertising revenues to themselves. We do not charge any licensing fee.

We are the first Philippine publication to offer this unique business model. Our unique concept frees the overseas publishers from the tedious task of hiring and supervising an editorial staff, producing the stories and designing the paper. This way, they can concentrate on the business aspect, particularly soliciting advertisements. Thus, one does not have to have any publishing or journalistic experience to publish the paper. Our set-up simplifies the publishing operation and brings down the overhead cost substantially, resulting in higher income for the overseas publishers.

The result of this novel arrangement is a quality paper at a much lower cost. This becomes possible because the high cost of producing the paper (which includes maintaining a full complement of editors, writers, photographers and artists) is shared by all our publishing partners. Instead of doing it alone and shouldering all the editorial cost, the overseas publishers are better off financially (and emotionally) in our unique set-up. Others have imitated our model but the copycats could not quite measure up to our high standards of product and service. Our mission is twofold: to produce a superior product at an affordable cost and to showcase on the global stage a Filipino publication that we can all be proud of.


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