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By Cherie del Rio

It was an unexpected chemistry. She’s recovering from a heartbreak and slowly reclaiming her place in the industry. He’s a multi-talented newcomer who was likewise seeking stable ground in show business. Although they have worked together previously albeit with smaller roles, Kim Chiu and Xian Lim did not have an established love team until their hit primetime teleserye, My Binondo Girl. Kim was even paired with two other leading men in the show: Jolo Revilla and Matteo Guidicelli. But it was her pairing with Xian that had the series title trending in Twitter both in the Philippines and worldwide.

As the series progressed, both the show’s producers and viewers were pleasantly shocked by the onscreen romance between Kim and Xian, how they got televiewers kilig with their scenes. It truly was a surprise — and it is this very element that triggered the success of KimXi (Kim’s and Xian’s names put together to form a label for their love team). Almost out of nowhere, KimXi garnered recognition and support not just from the local fan base but even from colleagues in showbiz as well.

All of a sudden, KimXi is the next big thing and everyone, regardless of their age, social class, or geographical location (thanks to TFC!), is feeling kilig over Team Jandy (another label that represents Jade + Andy, characters in My Binondo Girl played by Kim and Xian, respectively).

Kilig factor

Today’s leading newspapers, magazines, and even Kapamilya shows all share a bit of the limelight with KimXi. Everyone seems eager to feature the budding romance between the Filipino-Chinese pair. In an episode of KrisTV, Kris Aquino unabashedly pointed out that Kim and Xian looked really good together and more importantly, that Xian had her vote.

A lot of fans have noted that the KimXi love team is for everyone — bridging the proverbial gap between the ages and the classes. The pair is wholesome enough to be adored by the younger fans but still relatable enough to be admired by the older audiences. If Filipino TV had a poster couple for the exciting beginnings of young love, then KimXi would definitely be it.

Their My Binondo Girl co-star, Cherry Pie Picache, admits to feeling butterflies whenever she looks at the pair. It has been reported that Xian is quite old fashioned when it comes to his courtship ways. Lumang tao is how Kim described him in a recent interview with the Philippine Entertainment Portal.

Xian, as part of his Christmas gift to Kim, hired a choir to serenade the young actress after the latter commented that she can’t quite feel the spirit of Christmas. Earlier, Xian overheard Kim talking about wanting a life-sized teddy bear. He then surprised her with one: a dark brown, fluffy, giant stuffed bear. Apart from these grand gestures, Kim admits to receiving flowers from the actor-singer. She says that guys like Xian are a rarity nowadays. This all the more enflames the passion of KimXians (fans of their love team).

Everyone seems to be guessing, trying to determine whether there is something more to the onscreen pair of Jade and Andy. And of course, all these guessing and excitement contribute to the overwhelming kilig that now envelopes the Pinoy TV fandom. Kim and Xian, on the other hand, are more than happy to supply the audience with moments that are all seemingly genuine, unique, and sincere. They are careful with interviews, though — always being clear on what their relationship status is so far and how things are being taken in stride.

From Kimerald to KimXi

Perhaps one of the strongest fan organizations that will define Filipino showbiz history is the Kimeralds (fans of Kim and Gerald Anderson).  And when the pair split up, the Kimerald hype died as well. Now that both Kim and Gerald have separate career paths, one cannot help but wonder how the fan group is thriving in all the changes.

A lot of Kimeralds have been supportive of the KimXi love team, adding force to its growing popularity today. Everywhere on the internet, you will find KimXi-devoted websites. From Facebook fan pages to Tumblr to Twitter, the KimXi tag is visible and dominant.

Upon closer inspection of these sites, however, you will find that there are still a lot of fans that compare Kimerald to KimXi even though they are supportive of both pairings. It is as though they approve of the KimXi pair but, just like any other hardcore fan, Kimeralds will always advocate the Kim-Gerald pair, hoping for a reconciliation in the future may it be on or off cam.  Rivalry between the Kimerald and KimXi camps is rare if not altogether nonexistent on major websites.  And all this positivity boosts KimXi’s promising direction in the tough industry.

Looking ahead

After My Binondo Girl ended on January 20, fans started clamoring for more KimXi appearances — emails to the ABS-CBN network, posts and comments on public websites, twitter pleas, etc. With the success of their pairing, though, Kim and Xian would most likely show up on another teleserye or in a movie in the very near future. Kris Aquino, also in another episode of her morning talk show, hinted that Kim is presently working on a movie with one of the major stars of the network and Xian will be joining her. Online discussion boards have guessed that Xian and Kim’s first movie together will be with the Star for All Seasons herself, Ms. Vilma Santos.

Xian has gained a lot of fans and admirers for how special he has been treating Kim. He already wrote a song for her entitled Ako’y Sayo Lamang, which is part of the soundtrack of their soap.  After the choir serenade, the life-sized teddy bear, and the song, one can’t help but wonder how Xian will possibly outdo himself. Whatever magic he still has up on his sleeve, the entire Pinoy fandom will definitely be keeping watch and feeling kilig.


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  1. hannah says:

    i LOVE KIMXI.. the bEst, perfect couple, match made in heaven.. talented n good person.. more projects together (KIMXI)..

  2. Melanie G. Castillon says:

    Im at early 50’s, but still the kilig of the love team makes me younger..I like kimXi…Looking forward for a new teleserye for them..

  3. Hannie says:

    “Perhaps one of the strongest fan organizations that will define Filipino showbiz history is the Kimeralds (fans of Kim and Gerald Anderson”

    -The write-up is okay but super OA. KIMERALD? Give me a break.

  4. Imelda C. Ferrer says:

    HMC, you really are an interesting person. No dumb beauty are you! I am proud to know you. :-)

  5. MJ says:

    The best ever yet pairing for a Filipino teleserye. Wishing both of them only the best as they both deserve only the BEST. Really worth following their relationship. Praying for more blessings for both of them.

  6. lorna laeno says:

    excited about the new xian & kim teleserye. gasgas na ang dvr ko—paulit ulit ang nood ko sa MBG. in fact i do it everyday. i recorded 30 episodes and i watched each epi every night before going to bed. it makes me feel good. i’m still waiting for the dvd here in california. according to the filipino store in vallejo it will be release soon. this is also the first time it happened to me—nakakaloka–my question is—anong mayroon itong loveteam na ito—it makes me so gigil sa kilig!!!!

  7. lorna laeno says:

    anong mayroon itong loveteam na ito—it makes me so gigil sa kilig!!!!

  8. lorna laeno says:

    it was this love team that made me join facebook and tweeter. i was never interested in joining the social network before until i started watching MBG. This teleserye changed my outlook in social networking.

  9. ana viajera says:

    you bring back the kilig to writing 😛

  10. Phillip and Carrie Lee says:

    Kim and Xian’s love movies are the most précis we have ever seen, like true love.
    We hope they get married and have lots of babies. We want to see many more love movies with the two of them.

  11. Jecca Shatalene says:

    KimXi was the only reason why i kept on staying up late at night to watch MBG and play it again and again on iwantv 😀 they’re match is so natural, kilig is tagos to the bones :>

  12. Yesha says:

    Hi! Thank you for this article and same with other people I really love both Kimerald and KimXi’s tandem….I support both teams but as of the present I despirately wanting more of KimXi’s appearance on screen and I just like the way they give us ‘kilig’ it is so natural that you couldn’t say it’s showbiz, it’s gimik…I so love them and more power to their tandem…

  13. KimXi forever . . . . Da Best . . .

  14. shirley sabroso says:

    my fave lovestory was titanic,a walk to remember and beastly,THEN lately my binondo girl! so much kilig! now lang ako humanga ng loveteam na pinoy.. bumili ako ng mga magazine ni kim and xian.. now hopefully magka album si xian asap!

  15. Zenie Javier says:

    I love watching Xian and Kim. I wish to meet them someday, however, I live in LA, California. Watching both of them makes me happy and look forward for news about them and enjoy viewing their videos/pictures eveyday. I even go back to the old pictures and videos most of the time.
    More power to KIMXI and to all her loving fans.
    Zenie Javier
    Northridge, California

  16. MariaLiza Lu says:

    You are not alone guys! I feel in love with KimXi tandem too…

  17. mayen of Va. U>S>A says:

    I’m also a big fan of kimxian tandem since gerald broke kims heart but i still want gerald kim tandem sana may project pa rin cla khit friend na lang cla

  18. BoholJ says:

    My sister & I from Daly City, California USA are big fans of KIMXIAN. We do hope to see them on screen soon. Please let us know if there is a DVD coming out on “My Binondo Girl.” We would want to have orig copy. Thanks.

  19. myla tucud says:

    KIm n Xian there good tandem iba ang chemistry nila to the people . a lot fans to want do a movies and telesery so pls ….do for them ..

  20. chezlyn says:

    kimxi s dbest love team ever,,,sobrang waging wagi ang team nla….lovelove…

  21. Cherie says:

    Thanks, Mel and Ana! :) And to the members of Team KimXi, I’m grateful that you liked this article. Here’s a kilig update: Star Magic recently confirmed the Kim Chiu-Xian Lim movie. Finally, Kilig on the big screen! =)

  22. lorna laeno says:

    prepaid my xian lim april issue yesterday afternoon in vallejo–kasi baka ma sold out pa. ang lakas pa nang ulan—an hour trip. hay naku the things that i do for being a loyal kimxi fan!!!!!

  23. litavb says:

    I like the write up of Ms. Cherie, and all the comments about Kim and Xian, I second the motion to Ms. Lorna Laeno…”anong mayroon itong loveteam na ito—it makes me so gigil sa kilig”! Wala bang mabilhan na DVD ng My Binondo Girl dito sa US? because I have seen a few episode thru video posted on KimXi fanpage on Face book. LOL!

  24. Chelsea C. says:

    Great write-up, Cherie! Let’s have more of Kim and Xian.

  25. sunshine says:

    I love kimxi.di aq magsasawa sa pagsuport sa loveteam nila.kimxi is the one and only for me!

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