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For the third year in a row, the Philippines has been hit by a major storm claiming more than 1,000 lives, and the death toll from Haiyan, one of the worst on record, could climb to 10,000. With thousands of islands in the warm waters of the Pacific, the Philippines is destined to face the wrath of angry tropical storms year after year. READ FULL STORY


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  1. Colin Pastakis says:

    John Alayon makes good sense in his article “I survived PH”. Planet Philippines, November 2013. Courage and determination are valuable attributes.

    John also writes of the many typhoons which hit the Philippines. This contrasts with the natural beauty described by Jona Branzeula Bering in “Philippines the Beautiful”

    Australians have their famous poem which rhymes “Her beauty and her terror – the wide brown land for me”. So we share with Filipinos both joy and fear.

    Our countries also share a common threat. That of pollution. In the 1960s pollution was the grey chemical in rivers or the brown smog in our air. Now my friends from China talk about “constant sore throats and smog” in their country. This causes the melting of polar ice and rising sea levels.

    Prince Philip of England has said the new pollution – global warming – has contributed to the devastation of the Philippines. The higher water levels get picked up by typhoons and cause more flooding.

    Columban priest, Fr Sean McDonough, warned that even Manilla could go under water.

    John Alayon correctly praises the Filipinos “back home” for their resilience. So how about us Aussies, Filipinas and Filipinos working together to reduce pollution?

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