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Launched in November 2002, Planet Philippines is the preferred choice of discriminating readers and advertisers in the cities that we serve.

Planet Philippines is the first truly internationally-circulated Philippine newsmagazine.  We have print editions in cities around the world where there is a substantial Filipino population. We continue to spread our wings to cover every corner of the globe where Filipinos reside and work.

Planet Philippines is published and circulated in the following cities: Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto (all in Canada), London (UK); and Melbourne.

Planet Philippines’ editorial content sets us apart from the competition. Written by experienced journalists who adhere to the highest standards of journalism, our meticulously selected news and feature articles cover a broad and balanced range of topics — politics, government, the economy, education, business, travel, movies, celebrities, sports, food, art, as well as current events.

Unlike the straight news of other papers that are already out of date by the time they come off the press, our high quality feature articles are read, re-read and passed on to friends and family.

Planet Philippines is produced by Buzzword Media Corporation for its overseas publishing partners under a licensing arrangement.


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